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Heavy Mobile Jigs


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If you have an heavy mobile jig, we have a variety of castors for your needs. We provide heavy duty castors and wheels that can meet higher weight loading such as those needed for heavy mobile jigs. For more information on each castor and its weight loading please check the product's technical details.

Heavy duty castors are here to help you move the heaviest furniture, tools and equipment with ease. Investing in high-quality castors has many benefits including that they are durable and robust as well as helping to prevent back or spine injury.


Built to last

When it comes to supporting high weight loads, you want to ensure castors are built to last. Our heavy duty castors are made using the strongest of materials including pressed steel. Very heavy reinforced pressed steel is used for the housing material and aluminium. Cast iron and steel is used for the wheel centre material - making them extremely strong. In fact, our heavy duty castors have been designed to cope with a high weight load and can handle up to 800kg, but you can also get them for a weight bearing load of up to 100kg. Our heavy duty castors can suit a range of needs.


Can move items with ease

One of the biggest benefits to having castor wheels fitted, especially to heavy items, is that you can move things easily. Imagine having to move 800kg without the assistance of some wheels. You can choose from fixed castors, standard swivel castors or swivel castors with total lock. Depending on what requires the castors, you’re sure to find the perfect solution here.


Secure grip

Having heavy duty wheels also helps whatever they are attached to stay grounded and secure. They can provide extra grip to the flooring, even more so when the brake is applied. You will also need to consider what floor you plan to use the castors on. If you are working with a soft floor - carpets, rugs and vinyl, for example - you should look for a hard wheel tread. If you have a hard floor, such as tiles, marble, concrete, then look for a soft wheel tread. When it comes to wheel tread material, you can choose from elastic-tyre, vulcanised, polyurethane or polyurethane, casted.


Reduce injury

Another benefit to having castor wheels is the relief they can provide on the back. By having heavy equipment on wheels you can move it around easily and conveniently, and depending on the size, you may be able to move it on your own. This can reduce serious injuries to your back, neck, spine, arms and legs by eliminating and reducing the need to struggle with moving it. This can prevent workplace injuries greatly.


What can I use heavy duty castors on?


The great thing about our castor wheels is that they are very versatile and bring with them many different benefits. Below are some things which can benefit from having castors attached:


  • Trollies (swivel castors are preferred to allow greater manoeuvrability)
  • Tool boxes (large free-standing tool boxes can benefit from castors by making it easier for people to have access to tools, plus, if multiple people require the use of one box, it can be moved with no trouble)
  • Portable equipment (any mechanical, medical, and household appliances can all have castors fitted to ease mobility).


Whether you want a bolt hole or plate fitting, swivel or fixed castors and require different weight bearing loads, we have the perfect mobility solutions for a range of needs right here on this page.



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